FIWARE Lab for Developers


The following are a series of presentations that are targeted towards Developers, and they were designed for Developers who would require training on how to exploit the FIWARE Lab, so that they could validate their experimental services.

Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Introduction to FIWARE Lab

  • FIWARE Lab at a glance
  • Project scope and objectives
  • FIWARE Lab in the FI-PPP programme
  • Technical offering
  • FIWARE Lab for federated infrastructures – Nodes, capacities, architecture, services, networking
  • Deployment timeline and upcoming challenges

Lesson 2. FIWARE Lab for Developers

  • Introduction
  • How to use the FIWARE LAB portal
  • Command-line Interfaces
    • Install the OpenStack command-line clients
    • Managing virtual machine images
    • Working with virtual machines
    • Working with infrastructure monitoring

Lesson 3. Using S3C: Service Capability, Connectivity and Control

  • Introduction - What is the S3C
  • Developed Features of S3C
    • EPC OTT Enabler
    • SMS/MMS Enabler
    • API Mediation
    • Telecom AS
    • Network Identity Management
    • Seamless Network Connectivity

Lesson 4. A FIWARE Lab Showcase

What you will learn:

  • Infrastructure DT part of Berlin Node is offering
  • Some knowledge about a Generic Enabler offered
  • What can be built with that environment


  • Some knowledge of how the showcase was built

Lesson 5. FIWARE Ops for Developers

This webinar: "FIWARE Ops for Developers", took place on February 25th 2015. The webinar was targeted towards those researchers and application developers that are aiming to develop and deploy to the FIWARE Lab federation of infrastructures.

The course explains how to use the FIWARE Lab portal for creating, managing and deploying services to the federation complemented by an introduction on how to utilise command-line tools for those tasks not yet supported by the portal. The course is focusing on the basic tasks and is suitable for less-skilled users but is also guiding more knowledgeable users by some best-practice examples.

Lesson 6. FIWARE Lab Solution for Managing Resources & Services in a Cloud Federation

This webinar "FIWARE Lab Solution for Managing Resources & Services in a Cloud Federation" is dedicated to researchers and developers who want to take advantage of the solution concerned with FIWARE Lab management tools and components and it will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to FIWARE Lab • FIWARE Lab Solution for Managing Resources & Services in a Cloud Federation
  • Q&A Session

  • Lesson 6 - Slides File